Our Commitment

Environmental awareness is embedded in Basatne’s culture. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact and are diligent with our E-Scrap and downstream methods. We pride ourselves on quality assurance. Every device undergoes stringent testing and grading process, which ensures consistent quality. Basatne continues to challenge and disrupt the recycling space.

Our goal at Basatne is to recover and use each piece and part of every device, keeping them out of landfills. Our approach is unique and customized to meet your needs. We perform E Recycling for businesses big and small. Our certified downstream processes are trusted by OEMs, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and others.

In 2009

we embarked on our journey

14 Years

in business.




distribution capacity.

Over $300m

in annual historical turnover.

Our Locations

Texas, usa
Ontario, Canada
United arab emirates

Experience with top brands